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Wasps in My Yard


    • Wasps fall into solitary or social groups. The insects range from small types, such as yellow jackets and white grub parasites, to larger types including cicada killers. Cicada killer, a solitary wasp, rarely stings people, even when handled. White grub parasites will sting people if bothered. Velvet ants are red and black solitary wasps covered with thick hair.


    • White grub parasite wasps lay their eggs inside white grubs, a lawn pest. The grub provides food for the wasp larvae, eventually causing the death of the grub. Other types of wasps also eat mites that chew on the leaves of plants.


    • Controlling wasps depends on their type. The entire colony of the yellow jacket must be eliminated to get it out of the yard. Cicada killers like sandy, sparse soil to feed their offspring, so providing thick grass could stop the wasps from burrowing. You may need to use insecticide to keep the wasps away from areas frequented by people.

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