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Well We Just Established You Have Generalized Anxiety Disorder Symptoms- So Where Do You Go Now?

OK you suspect you have generalized anxiety disorder symptoms, other wise you would not be here reading this article, am i right? Firstly let us established whether or not you do have GAD, short for generalized anxiety disorder by doing a quick check list.

Generalized anxiety disorder symptoms can be mild or severe!

Do you have worrying thought on a regular bases, and obsessed over the smallest unimportant things? Do you have trouble sleeping, or only manage to get 1 or 2 hours in before you wake up due to a racing mind?

Let us look at a short list of generalized anxiety disorder symptoms, and find out if this is what you are dealing with at present.

Sleepless nights.
Tight throat and chest.
Worry about every thing and anything.
Lack of concentration
Aching muscles.
Nervous tension.
Head aches.
Lack of self esteem.

So i am wondering how many generalized anxiety disorder symptoms do you have so far, are you getting worried yet? I bet you are one of those people who desperately need to know what they have, and then you will do nothing about it.

Sorry if this sounds harsh but your a fool. My guess is by the time you decide to fix this issue, and rid your self from generalized anxiety disorder symptoms they would have doubled, and then you looking at a MUCH bigger problem to deal with.

Generalized anxiety disorder symptoms will not go away by them selves, you need a technique to over come the issues, it is not rocket science. Get off you butt, and do something about it, or you can just read my other articles on how to cure your self from generalized anxiety disorder symptoms after they have manifest to phobias.

Well, now that has been said, i hope i am really wrong about what i just stated in the last few paragraph above, and now your thinking where do i go from here. If you are serious about getting back to a normal existence, take my advise and get all the help that you can NOW.

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