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Facts Concerning the Teddy Bear Hamster

    Life Span

    • Teddy bear hamsters have an average lifespan of almost three years. Male hamsters usually outlive females. Teddy bear hamsters are territorial, and they sometimes kill other hamsters placed in their cages.


    • The female teddy bear hamster has soft fur that is shorter than that of a male teddy bear hamster. The male's back fur resembles a skirt. Some females have longer fur around the shoulder area going back, which resembles a skirt.

    Teddy Bear Hamster Names

    • The teddy bear hamster is also called Syrian hamster, Angora hamster, or long-haired hamster. Sometimes people refer to the teddy bear hamster as a fancy hamster, but in a pet store, the term "fancy hamster" is reserved for a short-hair hamster.


    • The teddy bear hamster is usually only 5 inches long, but it can look longer because its fur is so long. If you were to flatten the fur and measure the hamster, he would be very close to 5 inches.

    Breeding Teddy Bears

    • If the female is not ready to breed, she will attack the male and might kill him. So after the male is introduced to the female, he is removed if she is not receptive. Breeding pairs do not live together.

      A female can start breeding when she is 45 days old. The gestation period for a teddy bear hamster is 15 days, which is a few days longer than the gestation for short-hairs. Teddy bear hamster babies are weaned within 25 days of birth.

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