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Taxes and Their Lease - Lease Options

There are some interesting and lucrative advantages of using options and forced optionor optionee of real property. In general, the choice of "money is not taxed optionor TO option is exercised, expires or is abandoned. IRC Chapter 1234 (taking into account the" dealer "rules, discussed below). If this is or is abandoned, is taxed as ordinary income at the metu, CA expires or is abandoned Seller.

Personal residence sold pagal lease / option in respect of a kite cannot get the assets of the increase in the exemption from income tax. Pagal 1997 Tax Reform Act, gains from the seller's residence not long SALES, Column earnings are less than $ 250,000 tn (UZ $ 500,000 married couple). The column was typical lease SALES, court decisions held that a person would still be considered the place of residence rather than rent. See, Solaris, VA Commissioner, 776 F.2d 1428 (9 Cir 1985).

Lease payments and the possibility of a tenant are not tax deductible, if the property is used as a residence. If a tenant upfront discretionary payments (including monthly rent credits) becomes the property of their tax base. Can the possibility of a tenant payments be deductible as a capital loss if the buyer is an investor. For example, if the lease / option to live at home, consider using your own LLC, to lease / option, and then sublease to yourself individually. If you do not have to own a profit opportunity, profits have the option to treat the money it had paid as a loss.

Take a drop from your Personal Residence

As you may know, you can not pick up the loss of your personal residence if you sell it based on your lower TN. However, you can take a capital loss on an investment property.

Move out of your home and lease / option, JI tenant / buyer a few years. Report him to your own Federal income tax return as rental pagal graphics "E." Matter can have the opportunity to take a loss, burn the tenant exercises his option to buy.

Make sure that you do that transaction, it seems legitimate, the IRS is keenly aware that people down the real estate markets, trying to "chew" leases out their personal residence of the loss.

Watch out for the Volvo Classification

If you're an active real estate investor, you should know what the IRS calls "dealer status." Yes, if you pat buy and sell real estate at regular intervals, you cannot be considered "dealer" in real estate. The trader is a person who buys WITH resale and not for investment intentions.

There is no magic formula for determining who is an investor and trader, but the IRS will compare factors such as the purpose for which the property was purchased, how long property was none and none deals with investor number earnings for the next dare. If you consider the possibility of "dealer" property, you may not consider the possibility of deferred tax pagal section 1234 of this Code.

IRS Reclassification

Sometimes, but rarely, the IRS reclassified bus rental / option as a disguised sale. It is more common with the equipment lease, the lessee makes rental burn for a few years old PO to have the opportunity to purchase contract expires at the nominal value, for example, $ 1.

The IRS looks at the conditions and circumstances of the transaction, to address in order to determine whether they were intended. For example, if the tenant pays taxes and insurance, it seems Labguva as a sale. If a large Paragraph on rental payments are included in the purchase, is ook seem pat for sale. If the option price is decreasing every year, rather than growing market... well, you get the idea - if this looks like a duck and quack like a duck, it's duck!

Which in most cases, the IRS reclassified rent / option, nec SALES long-term leases. Thus, the lease / option is only a few years old with your tenant is unlikely to be re-defined as the sale. That's why we give the tenant / buyer a lease years old will not be applicable to the subject.

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