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Artificial Intelligent Designs in Architecture

Today we have artificial intelligent computers programming themselves and coming up with things, which work, but do not look similar to anything we as humans might design.
In fact they do resemble much of anything that humans might consider when programming a computer, yet these programs do work and the give us some very interesting clues as to how artificial life might come to conclusions based on the data it collects.
There are also computerized random art being made by artificially intelligent computers, which is fascinating to look at and even often appears to have some sort of order or design too it, as the computer is set to randomly pick out colors, shapes, shades, thickness and other criteria.
But what would an artificially intelligent architect design? What would the building design look like when finished? Would it look like anything a human might appreciate or care to live in? Are you willing to take a risk and let a computer design your next house, as it is sure to be unique and you would have one helluva story to tell your friends on why it looks like does.
Some say you would be sure to get compliments and complaints on the uniqueness and shape and perhaps the functionality too.
As the artificially intelligent program would indeed have parameters in it to make the house or building energy efficient, structurally sound and a good use of space on top of the exterior and interior design.
Should we then allow an artificially intelligent designing computer design our NASA lunar colony and all the buildings? Well, you might be surprised someone already thought of this and soon you will see the artist's renderings.
So think on this in 2006.

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