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Bathroom Remodeling - Layouts For Small Spaces

There is not always enough space in a bathroom for fancy amenities like large bathtubs and multiple sinks.
If the house is old, like many in the mid to downtown parts of Toronto, a new design and build may be required if old sinks and toilets are falling apart.
Small bathrooms present even more design challenges since there is less space to put the multiple items required in a bathroom.
It is best to design a plan in order to maximize the usable space in the room.
Cabinets that are built on the wall will allow you to gain more vertical space.
Mirrors can be effectively used to expand the seemingly small space in a bathroom.
A combination of coordinated colors and accessories will help to keep a small bathroom warm and inviting.
Towel racks from a vendor such as Umbra can be matched to your design.
Effective interior design of your bathroom can improve the lighting, especially if there are no windows.
If you do not need a bathtub then a shower can help to conserve space in a tight bathroom.
There are options from Toronto based contractors or hardware stores to obtain smaller tubs but you will want to make sure that the faucets used do not spray water all over the bathroom.
A shower caddy from Umbra can be used to keep a large number of items in a small space.
Attempt to minimize the amount of furniture and other large items in your bathroom.
These items will only waste space and appear to make the space smaller than it is.
A corner sink is an easy option to install.
These will use up less space, but there isn't option to have counter space or a storage cabinet underneath.
A sink mounted on the wall will save space but also does not give you counter space or storage underneath.
Many hardware stores in the Toronto area have options for smaller sinks or a contractor can provide options.
Matched accessories such as toothbrush holders and soap dispensers from Umbra are excellent accents to your interior design.
Remember that if you put too much furniture and other items into a small bathroom it will look cramped.
Some accessories will enhance the space, such as a small vase of flowers, so work with your interior design expert to ensure that you are filling the space effectively.
If you choose a toilet that is installed close to a wall, this will help to save space.
The size of the seat plus the tank design will help you figure out the amount of space used by the toilet.
Measure the amount of space between the current toilet and the wall as you don't want to buy a new one that won't fit properly.
It is important to carefully plan a renovation of a small bathroom in order to maximize the use of space and keep it as uncluttered as possible.
Living in the Toronto area means that there are many options for interior designers, stores with lots of lighting and modern furniture options to make your small bathroom a well designed room in your house.

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