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Hurricane Safety Introduction

Hurricane Safety Introduction

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy.
That is the quote by the Director of the National Hurricane Center Bill Proenza. With the goal of preventing tragedies such as Katrina from ever happening again, the National Hurricane Center is concentrating on public education with National Hurricane Preparedness Week.

The list below is HUGE and meant to be that way! Preparation takes education.

So I have gathered some of the best hurricane awareness information available. I advise you to bookmark this page now for later reference.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Hurricane Center advise all citizens to be prepared in the event of a hurricane. Three critical questions must be answered before a hurricane threatens. By knowing your vulnerability in the event of a hurricane, you can reduce your chances of disastrous results.
  • What are the Hurricane Hazards?
  • What does it mean to you?
  • What actions should you take to be prepared?

Did you know the actual hurricane is not the only danger from this severe storm? In fact, although many people have a hurricane plan in place, many do not have plans to prepare for other safety concerns such as storm surges, floods, tornadoes, and high winds. Hurricane preparedness encompasses all these issues. Start your hurricane tour below...

Hurricane Basics - Anatomy, Locations, and Research on Tropical Cyclones

Hurricane Basics

Free High Resolution Hurricane Poster
NOAA has prepared a hurricane awareness poster to keep citizens aware of the dangers of hurricanes.Although the poster focuses on safety, you will find some basic information on the birth of hurricanes.

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale

Use an interactive computer simulation to determine the intensity of a hurricane. Using Internet technology, the Associated Press has built this short and uncomplicated tool for analyzing hurricane strength.

You simply slide a button to simulate hurricane force winds.

10 Free Videos on Hurricane Birth

Even though Hurricane Katrina is perhaps the most talked about hurricane in recent times, several other hurricane seasons were also record breakers. Here, I put together 10 free hurricane videos that explain the processes of hurricane formation.

Free Hurricane Anatomy Book

Print this comprehensive nineteen page PDF book from NOAA for yourself, your family, and your children. The book includes pictures of hurricane damages and details on the formation of hurricanes. Also included are the names of hurricanes from 1999 through 2004. Also, the book discusses the differences between a tropical sotrm and a tropical depression in terms of wind speeds.

The History of Hurricanes

Hurricane Names from the Last Ten Years
Our very own geography expert Matt Rosenberg has put together a series of links on hurricane names from 2004 through 2009.

Hurricane Maps with Storm Names

Use this wonderful series of maps to locate any storm in the Atlantic ocean. In addition, you can even track the wind speeds for any spot along the storm. Pacific Ocean Typhoons are on a separate page.

Storm Profile – Hurricane Rita

Find out how hurricanes form through a series of videos and pictures on Hurricane Rita.

Storm Profile – Hurricane Katrina

Visit this page from the National Hurricane Center for details on one of the worst storms in history. Katrina is one of several billion dollar storms in the US battle with natural disasters.

Storm Profile – The Hurricane of 1938

This PBS special report page focuses on the storm of 1938. With devastating damages, pictures and first-hand accounts are described in detail.

Interactive Hurricane Activities Online

Aim a Hurricane Using the Right Ingredients
Students and adults alike will find this learning link fun and informative as you use the correct ingredients to create a destructive storm.

Change Winds, Latitude, Moisture, and Ocean Temperature to Make Your Own Hurricane

Another interactive online lesson for all ages is the Create-A-Cane lab where you choose the wind speed, latitude, and moisture levels to create a tropical storm or cyclone.

Use the Tropical Cyclone Tracker to Track Hurricane Paths

Tracking storms are tracked by researchers all over the world. Now you can track a storm online by putting in parameters about storm names. Major and minor storms are listed for 1950 through 2003.

What Kinds of Wind Will Destroy a Home?

This online activity will allow you to simulate hurricane force winds. See how a palm tree bends and sways in different scale winds.

Kids and Hurricanes

Talking to your children about hurricanes
Learn how to talk to your kids about hurricane force winds without putting fear in them. Several examples and links for learning are included. There is also a hurricane coloring book that you can download.

What are the signs of stress in children after a hurricane?

After Hurricane Katrina, Project Recovery was formed to help kids through the storms of emotions they must deal with when it is over.

For instance, just the anxiety of not knowing where to go home, or being away from their parents, or losing a family pet can put kids under a tremendous amount of stress.

What happened after Katrina when schools re-opened?

This interesting article chronicles the hardships of lives that seemed in total disarray. The only hope for many students was to get back to the normal routines they expect in a day.

Hurricane Safety and Preparedness

NOAA Weather Radio Alerts
Learn to use weather radios for any alerts of severe weather. This comprehensive site teaches you the differences between different National Weather Service warnings sent out to the public. Once you learn to listen to a weather radio, you can then look at the types of weather radios below.

Buy a Weather Radio or Scanner

Investigate 10 different weather radios and scanners to fit all budgets.

Red Cross Safe and Well Site

This wonderful site allows you and your family to list yourself in the event of a natural disaster. All types of severe weather can cut down communication lines. If you have access through a Red Cross emergency station, you can list yourself as "Safe and Well" on this site. This helps to keep phone lines clear for more immediate emergency needs and keeps families at peace knowing their distant loved ones are safe and sound.

Hurricane Awareness for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens with limited mobility may have extra special needs during a severe storm event. This page will prepare you for the special needs of the elderly in the event of a hurricane.

Keeping Your Pets Safe in a Hurricane

Pets were scattered everywhere in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and for many, it was another example of losing even more than a home and way of life. Kennels were flooded with pets after the storm. Here is what you can do for your pet in a severe storm.

More Links for Hurricane Safety Publications

Hurricane Safety Booklet for All Ages
Hurricane Safety Poster

How to Prepare Your Home Against Wind Damages

Hurricane Resources and Lesson Plans for Teachers

Hurricane Tracking Chart
Use this wonderful tracking chart to show students the locations and paths for hurricanes and tropical cyclones. You can find historical tracking pictures in the hurricane map gallery to help you.

Hurricane Lesson Plans and Quizzes

Although I have not tried all of the quizzes listed here, the lessons associated with each one look interesting. If you try one, leave a message for me and I will write a response here.

Interactive JAVA Hurricane

Severe weather tragedies can have less impact if you are prepared. No one thinks a severe storm can mean the end to a life you have built...but it can and DOES happen. Here is a comprehensive list on fixing your home or office to prepare for storms.

How to Protect Your Business and Inventory from Disaster

This list is one I put together which details even more information on hurricanes. I concentrate on the science behind hurricanes, but what if you want to vacation during hurricane season? Or what about personal accounts of hurricanes? You can find that and more here. Plus, if you have a story to tell, I would love for you to submit your severe storm story for possible publication.

Hurricane Wilma

A comprehensive detail of the news stories from Hurricane Wilma from the Environmental Guide Larry West.

Hurricane Katrina's Impact on Zoos and Aquariums

Animal and Wildlife Guide Laura Klappenbach explores the devastating impacts Katrina had on pets and more.

Hurricane Seeding

The Chemistry Guide Ann Marie Helmenstine talks about several articles on hurricane seeding and why hurricanes are not all bad. In fact, they can actually help some life forms.

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