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Spontaneous Healing By Information Transfer

One of the most exciting and controversial phenomenon in medicine is spontaneous healing. There are thousands of cases of spontaneous healing from many diseases including cancer. According to research conducted at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) there have been over 3,500 well-documented cases of spontaneous healing. At present there is no one explanation of how this occurs and there are a number of factors being examined in present studies.

Whatever the mechanism it must rely on communication of information to all of the systems of the body. There are some exciting advances in discovering how all of the body systems communicate. For example, it was previously thought that information only flowed from DNA outward to the cell and to other cells and tissues of the body. Recently, the new science of epigenetics has discovered an information system that is capable of turning on and off certain genes. The epigenetic information system receives input from our thoughts and behaviors forming a kind of feedback of information to DNA. This means that what you think and do will affect the expression of your genes.

Another mechanism of information exchange that is gaining in interest and popularity is the connective tissue system. It has been found that the connective tissue that interconnects all of the structures of your body can conduct electricity and communicate information. This system-wide communication network is capable of conveying nearly instantaneous information throughout your body.

According to the National Cancer Institute the immune system plays an important role in spontaneous remission of cancer. Inside the immune system, white blood cells communicate with each other by sending tiny chemical packets. Recently a team of researchers from the University of Pittsburg found a system of tiny channels called nanotubules that may enable communication between immune system cells. This discovery may help explain the fast system-wide action of the immune system to pathogens.

One of the important findings in the IONS research was that patients who experienced remission worked to change themselves rather than "fight" the disease. The idea of taking control may serve as an internal stimulus that stimulates the body's information network to send healing messages throughout the body.

The body can be thought of as a complex information network with a multitude of inputs. It may be that spontaneous healing is the result of accessing and stimulating this network in just the right way.

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