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What are the procedures for choosing the right wireless telemetry systems?

A wireless telemetry system is one of the most advanced devices which are usually used to monitor and collect information from a remote sensing unit. This information is transmitted to the collecting unit which can be installed at any local place.

While choosing a wireless telemetry system, some aspects should be taken into consideration which would be discussed in this article.

Ideally, a wireless telemetry system should be easy to install and set up:

Basically, an apt wireless telemetry system should be easy to setup. Clear with your supplier about the entire process of installation or get it installed from him. Just pay special attention towards installation of antenna because they are the main receptors of information and transmitting them. At the remote unit, connect the sensor very carefully so that the information is received properly. Also check the connected battery. Recharge it if the battery has drained. Connect the entire system very properly and make sure that all the units are integrated and co-ordinated with the computer properly. Ensure that your computer software is upgraded and is compatible with all the units.

It should also be sturdy enough to withstand harsh climatic conditions of a remote place:

Be very sceptical about this fact that the entire wireless telemetry system is sturdy enough to withstand any kind of climatic condition whether it is too hot, cold, wet, dusty, or greasy. Check the degree of Ingress Protection (IP) of the system and accordingly choose your system. Also consider the level of endurance of the system to chemicals or oil or even in extreme pressurized atmosphere. Do not forget to take an advice about the endurance power of the system from the manufacturer. Choose a system according to the temperature range of the area where you are going to install the system.

Special attention should also be paid to the compatibility of this system with various kinds of sensors.

The information received on the sensors must be compatible according to the coding on the computer otherwise monitoring and assessment of information will just not be possible.

Also, it should be capable of streaming data directly or at least should have a provision of storing or downloading data. 

Facility of either transmitting the data directly to the receiving unit should be possible. If not, then at last the facility of downloading and string the data should be there.

This should also be taken into consideration that the respective system should not consume much power nor should it require a radio license.

Be sure that the wireless telemetry system you opt for should either work on rechargeable batteries or electricity. If in case they work on electricity then make sure that the consumption of power is not extremely high for reception and transmissions of information.

To have greater convenience, a good graphical user interface (GUI) should be used to have a better information display.

To get the entire information displayed properly, the user interface on your computer should be compatible with the transmitter and receptor units.

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