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You don't have to be a man to drive a van!

We all know of the stereotypes surrounding people who drive vans. The main one is the commonly used ‘white van man' label typically given to young men who use vans for work purposes. Vans are very useful and serve a huge purpose in how businesses all over the world are run.  So why should men be the gender that gets credited with having the responsibility?

While the nation has grown accustomed to seeing men driving them, more and more women in the UK and around the globe are now getting behind the wheel of a van prompting many Britain's to start using the term ‘white van woman'.

However, regardless of your gender, buying a van for your business and personal needs can be expensive and can require you to start saving far in advance. The easy option to getting the van you need is Ford transit finance.  Financing is the easy, stress free and easily planned way of acquiring your motor and the great thing is, you always know how much you are paying and when , making the experience a smooth one.

Purchasing your van through Ford transit finance ensures that you get the top quality vehicle you need and have the peace of mind of knowing that you are in trusted hands. You can get an instant quote online or in a dealership and you should always remember that top quality recognises no gender.

Is it a man's world?

It seems that the idea of women driving vans hasn't quite got through to some people yet. Some see it as ‘un-lady like' and others don't seem to think it occurs at all. There is an odd, and very dated, social stigma attached to the whole subject. But is it really that hard to imagine a woman driving a van? After all, women drive cars and busses and motorbikes and Lorries... In fact, the list goes on!

A recent poll carried out by AXA Business Insurance reveals that a third of van drivers are in fact women and you can bet your bottom dollar (or pound) that this number will keep rising. The number of businesses that rely on vans and the amount of Brits who use them for everyday use is absolutely astronomical and with all these jobs out there, why should they all be done by men?  It's about time that society looks beyond the ‘white van man' and starts to picture a woman behind the wheel

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