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Cheap Car Rental Tricks

It is not that difficult to find cheap car rental. You just have to know all the tricks. Learn why it is better to rent the car in the weekend or for a week. Find out why you should prepay the car and how to get a free upgrade. Read about the right insurance and how to get a few extra hours for free.

The best way to find cheap car rental is to compare the different car rental agencies. It can be very time-consuming, but fortunately you can find car rental search engines on the Internet that can compare the rate from several agencies for you. You just have to enter the locations and the dates, and then the website will find the cheapest offers.

It is possible for you to plan your vacation so you need the car in the weekend, you can often save a lot of money. Usually you can find special weekend offers at the car rental agencies.

Another way to find cheap car rental is long term rental. It is often possible to rent a car for a week for the same price as 4 or 5 days will cost you.

Do you want a larger car model? Then ask. The car rental agencies are willing to buy your loyalty by offering you extra service, so if you ask for an upgrade, they will normally give it to you, if it is possible. But do not plan your whole vacation (and your luggage) on it. Think about it as an extra bonus.

If you say no to the insurance, you can save a lot of money. But it can also cost you a lot of money, if you are not insured when to get involved in a car accident. So read the policy carefully, before you refuse it.

On the other hand there is a lot of extra, easy money to be earned for the car rental agencies on the insurance part of the car rental. So use your common sense and buy only the insurances you think you need.

A normal car rental day is 24 hours. So you can save a whole day, if you keep it for e.g. 23 hours instead of 25 hours. So try to plan your vacation, so you can return it earlier on the returning day than on the day you collected it. If it is not possible, you can try to ask the car rental agency if it is possible to keep it a few extra hours for free. Normally it is not a problem.

Finally it is a good idea to prepay the car. So instead of renting the car at arrival in the airport, you should find a good price on the Internet and book the car in advance. Then the car will also be ready for you, when you arrive in the airport.

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