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Is Crooked Penis a Disease? Should I Worry If My Penile Erection Looks Curved or Crooked?

Do you wonder if your crooked penis is a disease? Are you worrying because you have a curved penile erections? Then you need to read this article.
You will discover when is changed penile shape considered to be a disease, and in which cases should you worry (as well as do) something about it.
Crooked Or Curved Penis Can Be Caused By a Peyronie's Disease! First off, crooked or curved penis can be caused by so called Peyronie's disease.
The exact causes of this penile disease are not fully researched yet.
In certain cases, Peyronie's illness is actually induced by injury that occurs during sexual intercourse.
For instance, imagine yourself having a wild and fast sex with your wife or girlfriend on top.
All of a sudden your member below misses her vagina.
What happens next is the force of her body hits your erect penis and almost breaks it (in the same way you break a tree branch with your hands).
Obviously, your penis doesn't break into two separate pieces (like a tree branch does), but nonetheless, something like that can still cause serious injury to your penis, including Peyronie's disease! The Connection Between Peyronie's Disease And A Crooked (Or Curved) Penis...
Now you are probably asking yourself: What does a crooked penis has to do with a Peyronie's disease? Well, one of the consequences of Peyronie's illness is the development of hard plaque (scarring) on your penile skin.
Since this hardened skin cannot stretch itself as much as before, your penis becomes crooked, curved or indented.
This is especially noticeable during erections when your penis is filled with blood.
As mentioned, those plaqued parts are not as stretchable as they were before.
The end result are curved or crooked penile erections.
Obviously, your penis can curve or indent to the left, right, upwards or downards (depends on the location of the hard tissue/plaque).
Do I Have A Curved Or Crooked Penis Due To Peyronie's Disease? Obviously, the best way to find out whether your crooked penile erections are due to Peyronies disease or not is to visit your urologist and let him examine you.
Alternatively, you can also check for scarring on your penis.
Use your hands though as plaque on your penis can be unnoticable when you check for it with eyes only.
You should also ask yourself about the time you first notice changes in your penile shape.
In case it occurred recently, chances are you have a curved or crooked penis due to Peyronie's disease.
In case your penis has looked crooked or curved for as long as you can remember, chances are you have so called congenital (natural) penile deformation.
Should I Worry About The Fact That Your Penis Looks Crooked Or Curved? If you can live and have sex normally with a crooked penis (no matter what caused it), you have nothing to worry about really.
It may look strange to you or your partner, but since it doesn't cause you any physical suffering, you can just forget about it and move on.
But in case you do experience problems, such as painful intercourse or inability to penetrate into your partner during sex, then obviously it is affecting your life and you need to do something about it! How Can I Correct My Crooked Or Curved Penis? Luckily, there are ways to address such issues.
You can choose between non-surgical and surgical treatments to get rid of the curvature or crookedness.

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