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Different Airlines of India

    • Options for air travel in India have increased in recent years.commercial airliner image by itsallgood from

      In June 2003, the Indian government advocated an Open Skies Policy, which was designed to encourage air travel in the country. Many regional airlines opened their doors to the public at this time. As a result, India has in recent years been well-connected by air travel. Airports such as the Delhi airport, a major air travel hub, have been modernized to accommodate growing air traffic and to meet international standards. India's air traffic rates rank among the highest in the world and are predicted to double in the next five years. Here is an overview of the many airlines that fly through the country.

    Jet Airways

    • Jet Airways claims to connect with a destination every five minutes. This airline has a reputation for reliability and connects 43 destinations in India and 23 international destinations, including New York, London and Singapore. Meals and refreshments are served on board, except for Jet Konnect, which is its low-cost airline.

    Kingfisher Airlines

    • Kingfisher offers business- as well as economy-class services. With 66 aircraft, it flies to eight international destinations and connects all major airports in India. The frequent-flier program called King Club offers benefits for travelers.

    Paramount Airways

    • A key player in South India, Paramount offers business-class services at economy-class prices. This is a first in the aviation field and created quite a stir when Paramount first started flying in 2005. Offering wider seats and more leg room, Paramount also provides benefits such as an exclusive privilege program called Paramount Royale, that also offers discounted hotel stays. At the moment, Paramount offers only domestic (travel within India) services.

    Spice Jet

    • A popular low-cost airline, Spice Jet connects 22 destinations and has been ranked among the top five budget airlines in Asia. Only one class of travel is offered on all flights. Meals aren't served, but passengers can purchase their own refreshments on board.


    • Another low-cost carrier, Indigo is based in Gurgoan, Haryana and links 22 Indian destinations with 188 daily flights. You won't find any reading material on board nor are you served refreshments. It's a no-frills carrier but the flights are efficient.

    Go Airways

    • Based out of Mumbai, this low-cost carrier offers 120 flights a day, connecting 16 cities. The airline offers discounts on its website.

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