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The 10 Best Country Love Songs

10. Charley Pride - Kiss an Angel Good Morning

Country love songs usually come drenched in tears, but these romantic tunes are the exception to the rule. They're, you know, happy. Our opening pick is Charley Pride's "Kiss an Angel Good Morning." A man's sudden bliss befuddles his friends until he shares its source: the woman he wakes up next to. Aw.

Love Song Lyric:"Kiss an angel good morning. And love her like the devil when you get back home."


9. Dwight Yoakam - Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Dwight Yoakam took on Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" in this rockabilly throwback. It appeared on Yoakam's 1999 greatest hits compilation, Last Chance for a Thousand Years, as well as a commercial for the Gap. (But don't hold that against it.)

Love Song Lyric:"Take a back seat, hitchhike, and take a long ride on my motor bike… until I'm ready! Crazy little thing called love!"

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8. John Prine - The Glory of True Love

John Prine is known for his wry humor, but his sentimental side comes out on this opening cut from 2005's Fair & Square. It's an ebullient tune about love that endures through the years and only gets stronger.

Love Song Lyric: "Oh the glory of true love, is a wild and precious thing. It don’t grow on old magnolias, or only blossom in the spring."


7. Kenny Rogers - Love Will Turn You Around

Kenny Rogers offers the words of wisdom you expect from The Gambler. This time it's not about "knowing when to fold 'em" but about learning how to open up your heart. "Love Will Turn You Around" became a #1 hit for Rogers in 1982, and it's sure to pierce the pericardium of even the most stonehearted listeners.

Love Song Lyric: "It's your mind, that tricks you into leaving every time --
love will turn you around, turn you around."


6. Brad Paisley - The World

Brad Paisley can write good songs about being content and satisfied. It's not easy task. On "The World," his off-hand delivery and tongue-in-cheek observations turn sentiments that third graders would call "mushy" into what adults might label "moving."

Love Song Lyric: "To the world, you may be just another girl. But to me baby, you are the world."

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5. Lefty Frizzell - IWant to Be with You Always

There's no cheating or fighting in this old-school cut from country legend Lefty Frizzell. His tender words let a woman know why she brightens up his life. Even when she's far away.

Love Song Lyric:"I lose my blues, honey when I'm with you. No one else can do -- you're in my heart to stay."


4. Glen Campbell - Gentleon My Mind

Jangly instrumentation gives a nostalgic feel to this Glen Campbell classic about warm memories that keep affections aflame. The rambling lyrics were penned by folkie John Hartford, who originally recorded it. Campbell later sung it with Johnny Cash on the boxed set Unearthed.

Love Song Lyric: "You are moving on the back roads, by the rivers of my memory, and for hours you're just gentle on my mind."


3. Loretta Lynn - VanLear Rose

Loretta Lynn tells the story of an unlikely romance in Kentucky, based on her own family history. This star-crossed love song hails from her superb comeback record, Van Lear Rose; the 2004 album was produced by White Stripes singer Jack White, but the songwriting remains 100 percent Loretta.

Love Song Lyric: "She was the belle of Johnson County, Ohio River to Big Sandy. A beauty to behold, like a diamond in the coal."


"Islands in the Stream" was made famous by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, but was actually written by the Bee Gees. The duet lit up the charts in 1983 and continues to show that the ways you can say "I love you" are nearly inexhaustible.

Love Song Lyric: "Islands in the stream, that is what we are, no one in between, how can we be wrong?"

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In 1955, Johnny Cash sung one of the greatest love songs ever.  His rumbling baritone makes a timeless promise to remain steadfast and true. "I Walk the Line" also introduced the shuffling beat that became part of Cash's signature sound.

Love Song Lyric:"I keep you on my mind both day and night, and happiness I've known proves that it's right. Because you're mine, I walk the line."

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