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Does Your Resume Have Any Personality?

Sure, you have plenty of personality, but are you able to convey that in your resume? Take a look at your resume and read it through like a professional hiring manager would.
Is it interesting?Is it boring?Would you fall asleep if you had to read your own resume at 10:00 p.
at night (like some human resource professionals have to do)? Creating a resume that gets read from top to bottom is not easy.
To do so means you have to interject active, vibrant language throughout your resume.
That doesn't mean you need to use a lot of jargon or slang; quite the contrary.
Flowery speech will get your resume tossed out.
Words that show enthusiasm, confidence, responsibility and accomplishments are what will keep a reader glued to your resume.
Let your personality show through your resume and your cover letter.
So many resumes are dull and lifeless.
No wonder they're so painful to read sometimes.
Let the prospective employer know that you enjoy your line of work and that you feel great about going to work each day.
(If that isn't the case, you probably need to evaluate the possibility of a career change).
Your resume has to be professional, but it does not have to be boring.
Add some interest by changing out a few words here and there.
Show some energy and excitement about your chosen career field.
By doing so, you will let the employer know that you want the job and that, by inference, you'll work hard and be successful.
After all, happy employees are productive employees.
If you like what you do, you'll probably do a much better job than someone who hates it, right? So, show your personality in your resume.
Make it interesting.
The employer will thank you.

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