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Fact: One way links push your site up the rankings in Google as well as many other leading search engines.
Reciprocal linking are by no means 'dead', however when it comes down to using your time effectively, then you will find that you will get many more rewards with greater results in the serps with one way linking.
So now you know that it's going to help, I want to show you a few ways that you can get a head start.
Articles: This is one of the best ways to get inbound links as it also helps to build you a solid and well formed reputation.
You can submit articles on a whole range of topics on thousands of article directories all over the internet.
For each article that you post you can place at least one inbound link in it that points towards your site.
This link can be palace in your 'Author Bio'.
Any articles that you submit will want to be 'keyword enriched', which means that it will have to mention several times a term that you think people will use to search for you site.
Once you have your article you will need to submit it to some online directories.
For this, quantity is just as good as quality.
For a better distribution that is done automatically for you I suggest that you use http://www.
Directory Submissions: Directories can be found all over the net and they certainly should not be ignored as they are a very important part of any linking strategy.
Just like article directories there are thousands out there.
I suggest that if you can't be bothered submitting yourself than you can use http://www.
One thing to remember is that each link that you get, helps to push you up the Google ranks.
Don't go over the top and sit there for days at a time as this will only lead to burnout and you will not get anywhere.
Set yourself a goal of submitting to say 10-20 directories and in no time you will have thousands completed.

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