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Why Use Article Marketing?

Why use article marketing in developing your online business? This is a very common question and a valid one at that.
If you think about it, we understand why this question is regularly asked.
Firstly, for any good article marketing, you will first need to have writing skills.
If you do not have this skill, you are definitely at a disadvantage.
For those that have this talent, congratulations but unfortunately, many of us don't.
But don't fret, because the good news is that many successful online marketers have the same problem.
They do not really know how to write good content, so how do they get around this problem? Well, they simply hire ghost writers to write articles for them.
They pay a fee and select a topic and keywords and the writer starts to work on the articles.
So you ask, if I still have to incur additional expenses? Why use article marketing when one if it's main advantages it the fact that it should be free? Well, don't get me wrong, you do not HAVE to hire writers to do the work for you.
Alternatively you can always learn the skills required to write an article.
There are loads of articles out there on the internet, just grab a few and start reading and learning how to phrase and write your own articles.
Some tips to writing an article: 1.
Come up with a keyword and topic.
Write out exactly what your article is about in a single paragraph (Intro) 3.
List down 3 to 5 main points that you want to being across (Main Points) 4.
Write 3 to 5 sentences on each point (Elaboration on each point) 5.
Write a conclusion to the article (Conclusion) 6.
And tada! You have your article.
Just get down to trying it out! Once you are on your way to writing articles, you'll begin getting the hang of it and in time, writing an article should be a simple feat for you.
Now let's look at some of the reasons why article marketing is an extremely useful medium.
Article marketing is generally free - No costs involved in writing and posting these article on the internet.
With proper SEO, there is a good chance that the article can be listed on first page natural searches - If you managed to get an article to target the audiences that you desire, you will definitely do well.
Articles posted stay there forever - Once you post an article, they are like real estate purchased on the internet for FREE!! 4.
The more articles you have, the more back links you can create to your site - Search engines use back links to determine your sites' value and ranking, with more of these, your rankings will definitely increase.
With more articles, your personal branding and credibility increases - Articles allow you to create a kind of portfolio for yourself.
When people search for you, they might come across other articles that you have written and these will increase your personal branding.
As you can see, article marketing provides its share of advantages and hopefully the points above effectively show that to you.
The article should now have thoroughly answered the question - why use article marketing? I hope this article was useful for you and remember, article marketing if done right, can be a very useful and effective tool for all internet marketers.

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