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How to Buy a Daewoo Nubira

    How To Purchase a Daewoo Nubira

    • 1). Find the vehicle, which may be difficult since they are no longer making the Daewoo Nubira. You can search online at different websites such as or You can also search your local newspaper or car lots.

    • 2). Once you have found a Daewoo Nubira that you would like to purchase, have your mechanic check the vehicle for any problems that need repair to ensure that you are purchasing a quality used vehicle. If the vehicle has many issues, continue your search for a Daewoo Nubira. If the vehicle checks out, proceed to step 3.

    • 3). Negotiate a reasonable purchase price. You can find a reasonable price by checking the online Kelly Blue Book value at

    • 4). Buy the vehicle and sign the title and purchase agreement.

    • 5). Take title of Daewoo Nubira down to your local Department of Motor Vehicles so that you can get your vehicle tagged and registered. The Department of Motor Vehicles will also need proof of insurance, driver's license, and money for necessary fees associated with tagging and registering your vehicle.

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