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Intestinal Yeast Infections Have Many Causes

Intestinal yeast infections are becoming a problem for more people now that they use too. This is because of more people now being prescribed antibiotics and other drugs that upset the body's natural bacterial and chemical balance. Once you've discovered the cause of your internal Candida infection you'll be well on your way to a successful cure. Your good health depends on it.

A common cause of intestinal fungus that a lot of people are unaware of is indigestion remedies. These remedies neutralize stomach acid that kills bacteria and yeast as it is swallowed when we eat. If these organisms survive the journey through your digestive tract then they will start feeding in there.

This occurs more often in people with oral thrush because they already have the fungus in their mouth. This means that fungus is getting swallowed with every meal. If the fungus is causing heartburn ( which it commonly does ) then the sufferer will start taking indigestion remedies to alleviate the symptoms of the acid reflux.

Once the fungus is in the stomach and the acid has been neutralized with an antacid then it will begin to breed. What then happens is the food that is swallowed with the fungus becomes food for the infection. And this is more common if the sufferer is eating a lot of sugar or a lot of foods that contain sugar. So if you have a sweet tooth you need to change your diet.

Sugar feeds yeast and fungus, and it is their favorite food. If you want to cure an intestinal yeast infection then the first thing you must do is give up eating sugar. If you don't then you'll be taking anti fungal drugs to alleviate your symptoms for a very long time. Most sufferers that don't eat a diet that helps to cure their infection will be on oral anti fungal drugs for months or even years.

Another common cause of internal yeast infections is the use of antibiotics. These anti bacterial drugs kill good bacteria, and your body needs these to keep the Candida yeast under control. You've had the Candida in your body your whole life, and up until it caused an internal infection it has been kept under control by the good bacteria in your body.

If you're suffering from an internal fungal infection then you need to cleanse your body as soon as possible. The fungus will just keep on feeding until it perforates your intestines, and then toxins from the fungus will enter your bloodstream. You could even be suffering from some of the symptoms already that are caused by a leaky gut. Aching muscles and joints are common, and other symptoms that affect the brain are common as well. These are depression, mood swings and concentration problems.

To cure an intestinal yeast infection you must re-balance the bacteria in your body. At the moment you have too much Candida in your body, and the friendly bacteria can no longer keep it under control. Once the friendly bacteria gets high in numbers and the Candida gets low in numbers you'll soon be fully cured.

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