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Internet Marketing - Increase Leverage By Working With Others

Sadly I see too many marketers online taking a “Do It Alone”… approach to online marketing.
In the real world the marketing is done in more of a co-operative manner.
For example, newspapers and magazine sell space to recoup the cost of printing content.
Or shopping center may do big radio promotion to get more foot traffic.
The idea is that many businesses can benefit from the groups marketing effort or a CO-OP Marketing.
Where can you find examples of Co-op Marketing Online? Well in the early days of internet marketing banner advertising was used heavily.
As the internet grew the traffic became more spread out over the network, which made banner advertising less effective.
Then search engines like Google, Yahoo came on strong and traffic started to be focused or funneled through these engines.
Search engine’s invented a Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising method.
Internet marketers could pay big money for targeted traffic.
Marketers soon found out that the cost of traffic exceeded the return on investment.
The leverage factor comes in when we combine all three factors together.
When we take a small group of advertisers with one common goal and focus their efforts to one squeeze page through pay-per-click marketing.
On that squeeze page you sell advertising (banner ads, to offset the cost of PPC).
What you create is marketing model that cost almost nothing and create unlimited profits for it’s investors.
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