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Amp Up Your Power of Attraction by Having Fun

"It is our desire that you remember that you are Source Energy in a physical body and that you came forth intending that this life would be fun.
" - Abraham-Hicks How do you answer the question - "What do you do for fun?" Before I lightened up and accepted that life is supposed to be fun, I was often stumped by that question because I thought life was about being good and overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.
Now I understand that life is about feeling good and having fun and enjoying the journey.
Don't you just sort of KNOW that Life is supposed to be fun? Isn't there a part of you deep inside that says - "Yeah, I know that's true.
Having fun, feeling good, and enjoying the journey is what life is all about.
" Perhaps you remember knowing this as a kid, before you were taught that life is hard and so very serious.
I know, at first, it can be difficult to accept that we're here for the pure joy of life.
But, for me, it has become what I know for sure.
I love to hike with my dog and I call it my moving meditation because each time I get some kind of intuitive hit or realization.
On a recent hike, it became crystal clear to me that - Of course, life is supposed to be fun! I am a physical extension of Source and I came here to have fun.
I didn't come here to work hard and prove my worth; I didn't come here to climb a ladder of righteousness; I didn't come here to stoically endure sufferings and deprivations.
I came here to fully savor the joy of physical life experience! Everything can be fun - including work.
In fact, I am now convinced that most of the big money players are really just having fun.
Ted Turner and Donald Trump are two of my favorite examples.
These wheeler dealers are going with the flow of their desires and enjoying every minute of it.
Following their lead, I remind myself daily to relax and have fun, whether I'm "working" or "playing.
" When having fun is my focus, I'm connected to Source, I'm open to intuition and insights, and everything flows smoothly and joyfully.
Having fun and being lighthearted is also the best thing you can do for your health.
When you laugh, you're relaxed, you're breathing and you're open to Well-Being.
We know from Norman Cousins and others that laughter and high vibrational Thought-Feelings - such as love, hope, confidence, and joie de vivre - have positive therapeutic value.
When you vibrate joy and appreciation, your bodily conditions - in fact, every aspect of your life - will reflect that high frequency vibration and you will thrive in every way.
If alarms start going off in your head at the thought of frivolously focusing on having fun, keep in mind that whatever you're thinking, feeling and vibrating is what you have to give others.
Because we're all connected, any improvement you make in your own vibration contributes to improving our world at large.
What you vibrate is what you have to give, which means that feeling good and having fun is truly the best thing you can do for yourself as well as for others.
So, go ahead.
Amp up your power of attraction by having fun!

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