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Is Your Business Saving Money?

I love to help people whenever I can so I try to share my tips and tricks for various things that affect business and life in general.
My tips for today are for saving your business money.
I know this is a topic that is important for everyone and sometimes the solutions for saving just seem impossible.
Believe me I know how you feel! So with the price of gas and the way the economy is going now a days and the heat of the Political Conventions I thought I would share some of my tricks on how I manage to save in the office.
Go Paperless - Yes that's right - one of my green tips saves you money too! Send an email and save .
42 cents on a stamp.
Send checks electronically via your bank or Quickbooks and save another stamp! Pay your bills online - you can do that for home and work! Send electronic statements in email from Quickbooks or PayPal or create your own statement in Word or Excel (there goes another stamp!).
Try not to print your emails too.
The less you print the less paper you have to buy, the less supplies you have to purchase in order to store all your printed items too.
Have a Video Conference - Are you always stuck traveling someplace? Try to set up a video conference instead.
If you have a webcam there are plenty of services that you can hook up to like Webex.
com, Videoconference.
com and Skype.
If you don't have a webcam they are easy to get a hold of and usually range in price from $9.
99 to $199.
These are also great green options as the less flights that are taken the less of a carbon footprint from airplanes! Get A Travel Agent - Yes you are reading right! Sure there are plenty of great travel websites that can save you a couple of dollars but nothing is better then a travel agent.
A travel agent usually charges a fee anywhere from $35 to $100 but it is worth the investment.
The secret with a travel agent is that they develop relationships with the airlines and hotels that is not possible for the average traveler to create.
Those relationships equal savings for you! A travel agent usually has access to unadvertised sales and/or discount prices that you would not be able to find on a travel or airline website.
And if you are someone whose travel does not always go as planned - making a change can be easier and usually cheaper than a travel website.
Your travel agent will also be much easier to reach in an emergency then a travel website and in an effort to get repeat business they are dedicated to you having a good trip.
Free / Low Cost Software - Software is a fortune now a days.
But if you are a small business or entrepreneur; the free software version of some programs is just as useful as the pay versions.
There are free versions of Quickbooks, eFax, Adobe Acrobat, and countless others.
If you are just starting up this is a great way to save some money.
The free versions may not have all the features of the paid version but they are pretty useful nonetheless - and when you are trying to keep your overhead down useful is good! Buy Used Office Equipment and Furniture - Not only is it cheaper but again another green option! Besides Craigslist and eBay there are also companies that sell (and buy in case you want to unload some stuff) used office equipment.
Check out websites like officeguild.
com or officezone.
A few extra tips - sometimes you can buy the floor sample of an item at large chain stores like Staples and Office Depot.
Also, if you have a membership to BJ's, Costco or Priceclub - they always carry office supplies; even registers sometimes! Be sure to check them out too and save yourself a few dollars.
Go Virtual - This is a new feature of business that I am happy to be a part of.
Going virtual not only saves you money but it also saves you time which equals money when you are a business owner.
If you are a small company, non-profit or a start up - hiring a virtual assistant can save you money on overhead.
It can also help you to get those tedious little things done that I am sure you hate doing and free you up for the more productive things that make your business grow and flourish.
It helps with customer service too - imagine the benefit of having a quicker response to customers and clients!

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