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Reasons Tomato Plants Don't Thrive


    • Some diseases are soil-borne and transfer to the plant once it is planted. Fusarium and verticillium wilt are such diseases caused by fungi. They prevent the tomato plant from being able to take in water and nutrients.


    • A number of insects can weaken a tomato plant. Aphids and psyllids suck plant fluids from plant tissue, while flea beetles and hornworms devour foliage. Excessive populations of any of these pests can significantly weaken tomato plants.

    Environmental Issues

    • Direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause sun scald. This usually occurs when foliage is unhealthy because of another factor, such as disease or insects, and fruits are overexposed. Nutrient deficiencies such as calcium, nitrogen or other minerals can cause plants and fruits to develop poorly. Too much or too little water can adversely affect plant growth, too.

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