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Russian Visa Rules


    • Your passport must have an expiration date no sooner than six months past the date of your intended departure.

    Exit Documentation

    • Documentation of your exit is expected upon entering customs in Russia. If you are staying for a vacation, your return flight information is needed. If you are passing through to another country, that information is required.

    Proper Paperwork

    • For those studying abroad or coming to Russia for employment, you must contact and submit all of the proper paperwork signifying that you are doing so to the nearest Russian consulate or embassy to where you live, prior to your trip.

    Transit Visa

    • This is a visa that is issued when you are traveling to another country through Russia. Normally your visa that you have for your destination country with the addition of your travel documents would suffice in place of a Transit Visa, but it is better to be prepared. An example of the need for a Transit Visa is someone traveling via train or airplane with a layover in Russia to catch their next plane or train to their destination country. Transit visas are normally issued for a 3-day period, but can be for up to 10 days.

    Tourist Visa

    • If you are planning a trip to Russia that will last for less than two weeks, then this is the visa that you would obtain. You can only obtain this visa in the country of your citizenship.

    Business Visa: Single, Double & Multiple Entry

    • This visa is for those planning on being in Russia up to, but not exceeding 90 days. The Single Entry allows for one entrance during your stay, but you can still stay for up to 90 days. The Double Entry allows for one exit and re-admittance to the country. The Multiple Entry allows for unlimited entrance and re-admittance, but is only issued to individuals that have visited Russia on a prior occasion. First time visitors are only eligible for Single and Double Entry visas. Multiple Entry visas also have the added bonus of being able to spread out the 90 days over the course of 180 days, counting each day that you stay in Russia as one of your 90, as opposed to the clock ticking down in 90 consecutive days.

    Private Visa

    • This is a one-entry visa that is issued to people that have friends or family in Russia that are able to obtain a private invitation from OVIR, the Department of Visas and Regulations. Once they are able to determine that you do indeed have friends or family in Russia, then they will issue this visa. It is for a period of 1-3 months.

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