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Opera Browser CEO Tetzchner"s Bid to Swim The Atlantic Ocean is Over

Jon von Tetzchner, the CEO of Opera Software (makers of the Opera Browser) had planned to swim from Norway to the USA if enough people downloaded the new version of the Opera Web Browser. He tried, but due to an accident the attempt was stopped.

His plan was to leave Norway with a support crew in a raft, make a stop in Iceland, then swim to the USA. Why the swimming rest stop in Iceland? That's where the Opera Browser CEO's mother lives.

He was going to stop for a cup of hot chocolate.

The "plan" to swim the Atlantic ocean came to an end when the support crew's raft suffered a puncture, and the Opera CEO, Tetzchner, was forced to rescue his support crew.

Yes, this was just a publicity stunt, it was fun to read about it. You can read more about the "swim attempt" in the Opera Software Press Release section.

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