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Spiritual Meditation: Expressing Lovingness

Spending time in meditation or other formal practice is excellent, it centers us and reminds us of our intentions.
Bringing that practice into daily living extends those benefits both to all those we come into contact with, as well as accelerating our own spiritual evolution.
"Expressing Lovingness" is a guided meditation that can teach you to become the quality of love and doing so can reveal that you do not need someone or something outside of you to feel love.
It is already present.
Use the meditation and discover this for yourself.
Extend the feeling, the quality of this healing meditation, in every area of your life, and let it teach you what you are.
Being loving takes no time out of your life and allows you to practice while still living in the everyday world.
Often we think of loving as having to do with something or someone.
It is always triggered by an outside event or an outside person.
Again, being the quality, takes that whole component out.
You can radiate the love that you are by using whatever it is that brings out lovingness in you.
For example, I have a friend that has a brand new granddaughter and she is outrageously beautiful -- as are her grandsons.
I'm sure that the birth is bringing up a lot of lovingness in her, in the mother, and in all the family, as a new being arrives in our world.
But the "being" part of that is that you take away the baby, the idea that you have a new grandchild and you stay with the feeling the event triggers within you.
I want you to imagine -- think about -- something that makes you feel that loving, open, expansive feeling - just lovingness.
It could be your beloved.
It could be children.
It could be reading a great book.
It could be listening to poetry or music.
It could be walking in the woods.
It could be a focused meditation.
Anything that brings up that feeling is fine.
Bring it up.
Bring it to your awareness.
Close your eyes and feel it through your whole body; that wonderful feeling of lovingness.
Now drop the catalyst.
Drop the focus you used to inspire the feeling to arise, whether it is being with a particular person or thing, in order to feel loving, and just be with the feeling.
Take a nice deep breath.
Be with the feeling.
The feeling is already there.
The things you love only trigger it - the feeling is already present within you, and this practice of being the quality will show it to you every time.
Open your eyes and see if you can be as loving - see if you can feel that lovingness, the same way you could when you had them closed and then when you stopped thinking about whatever the catalyst was.
You just beam it out.
So you become the radiant quality of lovingness.
It is already there.
It has always been there.
This practice will show you that this is true.

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