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How to Set up a Temporary Wired Internet Network

    • 1). Determine where your high-speed Internet network comes into the building and ensure that it works by plugging your computer directly into the modem and testing it. If it does not, contact your ISP.

    • 2). Unplug your computer and replace it with a network switch. This will be the "hub" of your network; everything will connect through here.

    • 3). Determine where you want to run your network to. If you have a long run, more than 50 feet or so, and you have multiple offices that need the network connections in this area, you can simply run one wire and add another switch at the end of it. This will allow you to conserve on wire.

    • 4). Run the wire to the locations needed. Keep in mind that you will want to determine how you plan to secure the wire; you can attach it to corners where wall meets floor or wall meets ceiling. If you need to run it up a wall, try and tuck it into a corner. If you need to run it through a door, most doors don't come quite all the way to the floor; simply run it under there.

    • 5). Secure the wire using your duct tape. While not necessarily the best looking option, no nail holes will ensure you get most of your security deposit back if you live in an apartment.

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