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Video: How to Install Downloaded Patterns & Textures for Photoshop Elements

Video Transcript

Oh, hey. I didn't see you there. I'm just browsing many of the different patterns and different gradients you can actually download for Photoshop Elements. It's actually pretty cool. So here's a Christmas one but I already have one downloaded. You can pretty much just type in to Google free patterns for Photoshop Elements and you'll find tons. So on my desktop I have this one here. It's called Sue's Wood Patterns. All you have to do is double click it and your Photoshop Elements will open up. These are actually installed instantly. They're really tiny files. So all I have to do to get the pattern here instead of the blue is go to effects, styles, and scroll down to the bottom. There's my wood. Click and drag and drop. And now you can see the wood pattern is on the blue box. My name is Zach and I just showed you how to download patterns and textures and put them in to Photoshop Elements. Thanks for watching.

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