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How to Tie Mecate Reins to Slobber Straps

    • 1). Loop the leather slobber straps through the bit rings. Fold the straps in half with the smooth sides of the straps facing out.

    • 2). Slide the mota (or tassel) of the mecate reins through the hole in the slobber strap on the right side of the horse's head. Thread it from the inside of the bridle toward the outside, so the mota does not rest between the horse's head and the bridle. Pull 12 inches through.

    • 3). Secure the rope with an overhand or half-hitch knot around the slobber strap. Draw the rein under the slobber strap and then back over, forming a loop. Drop the mota through the loop and tighten.

    • 4). Thread the popper end of the mecate rein through the slobber strap on the left side of the horse from the inside to the outside, ending away from the horse's head. Leave eight to 10 feet of rein between the two straps. If desired, fit the bridle on a horse to determine the desired rein length.

    • 5). Tie the rein to the slobber strap with another half-hitch or overhand knot.

    • 6). Tuck a portion of the remaining length of cord in your belt or waistband or around the saddle horn when riding the horse. Do not loop it around or tie it to yourself or your clothing. The popper end is readily available for use as a lead rope.

    • 7). Tie a loop around the reins under the horse's jaw using the popper end of the lead. The lead can now be used to tie a horse with minimal pressure on the bit.

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