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How To Keep Your Laundry Whites White

I also had that problem, after having piles of white laundry that was turning greyer by the day; I was desperate for a method that would work.
In times gone by, our great grandmothers also had laundry issues.
I am sure they were similar to ours today, with just different methods needed to work.
Instead of washing machines turning washing grey, it was ink stains from the quill, grease from the buggy, and soot from the fire place.
All she had to get her washday bright was her wooden wash basin and wash board.
No luxuries such as stain remover, washing detergent for automatic washing machines.
But through it all, she managed to ensure her family had clean laundry and sparkling whites.
Well they had many remedies in those days, often passed on from generation to generation.
Let me give you a few tips on keeping those pesky whites, whiter beyond their imagined potential.
  • Wash whites frequently.
  • Skip the Bleach.
    Instead use half a cup of a time-tested whitening agent, Baking Soda.
  • Add Borax to hot water with some soap powder; let it dissolve completely before you add your whites
  • Soak in a bucket overnight in a mixture of water, soap powder, and Baking Soda
  • Rub ever so lightly the next day, wring out and place in washing machine, wash as normal.
  • Dingy sweat socks will be whiter than ever if you soak in a solution of half a cup of lemon juice or two tablespoons automatic dishwasher detergent, and very hot water and soak for thirty minutes.
    If needed, soak overnight.
  • Hang dry your whites.
    Hang them up instead of putting them in the dryer.
    If you have a deck to put them out where they can be dried in sunlight and the moisture will evaporate naturally.
    If not, place them on a clothes horse inside where they can dry naturally.
There are numerous effective ways of whitening whites and preserving the brightness of your whites.
White is an essential colour in any wardrobe, whether male or female, casual or professional.
It's up to each of us to make sure our whites are as sharp as they can be.
Professional launderers will tell us that with just detergent, we won't get those whites back to being brilliant white! Give these few tips a try and see how white your laundry can be.

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