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Remodel Your Kitchen with Laminates

If you are purchasing an older home or if your current kitchen cabinets are beginning to feel outdated, it may be time to look into remodeling the kitchen. This can be a pretty expensive project; so many people opt to reface their old kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them. This is the type of home improvement project that will hold its value for many years to come. Cabinet refacing in New Jersey is a great way to give the interior of your house a facelift.
When thinking about cabinet refacing in New Jersey, you may not know where to start or what part of your existing kitchen cabinets you can use. Many home improvement centers and cabinet vendors offer in-home consulting services at no cost to you. Your consultant will help you to evaluate what is needed and can determine the condition of the existing cabinets. If the boxes and doors of your existing cabinets are in really bad shape, you may need to tear them out and replace everything. However, if your existing kitchen cabinet boxes are in good condition, you have less expensive options that will give just as big a lift to your kitchen. The first option is to totally replace the cabinet doors and drawer fronts if they are in bad shape. This type of cabinet refacing in New Jersey is a great option, especially if you wish to have a totally different style and/or color to your cabinetry. There are many styles and colors of doors available, from classical to contemporary.
If your consultant determines that the cabinet doors and drawer fronts are in good shape, you have more options. If you are a do-it-yourself type of person and want to do your own cabinet refacing in New Jersey, first determine whether you are happy with the current style. If so, and you just need to change the color, your consultant can help you know what materials you will need to clean, strip off the old varnish or paint and prepare the doors and drawer fronts for the stain or paint you wish to apply. However, if you have never done this type of project before, you should be aware that it can be easy to make them look worse than before you began.
Another option for cabinet refacing in New Jersey is to use the existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts but put a brand new face on them. Your design consultant will be able to demonstrate the new laminate finishes that are popular for cabinet refacing in New Jersey. Hundreds of different styles and colors give you multiple options when looking at laminates. People across the country are turning to this option to create a relatively inexpensive new look in an older kitchen. Styles from classic to avant-garde and colors of every hue allow you to choose the style and color that work best with your kitchen décor and your own personality.
Cabinet refacing in New Jersey comes in at about 1/3 of the cost of ripping out the old cabinets and replacing them. This is a very economical way to update your kitchen and make it a showplace. You will be able to enjoy your new kitchen at a fraction of the price.
Cabinet Refacing New Jersey

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