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Causes and Home Remedies for Halitosis or Bad Breath

Overview of Halitosis or Bad Breath Halitosis or bad breath which is caused by a number of reasons like dry mouth, nature of food intake, medical disorder or smoking can put you in an awkward situation many a time.
Certain steps can be taken to prevent or reduce bad breath.
The proper treatment for halitosis or bad breath can be given only after the cause for it is known.
FOOD If you do not floss and brush the teeth properly, tiny food particles which are struck in between the teeth begin to rotten and give a very bad smell.
This also increase the bacteria and further paves way to gum disease and tooth decay.
Foods like garlic and onion, some kinds of cheese, strong spices, fish and coffee cause halitosis.
Even though you brush your teeth after consuming these foods, they enter the blood stream by dissolving and reach the lungs and cause bad breath.
These foods may also disturb the normal function of the stomach and the intestines and cause burping which smells bad.
Capsules made of fish oil or cod liver may also cause halitosis.
Ketone-breath may be caused by intake of foods which are low on carbohydrates.
These foods burn the fat and break them into ketones and add to your bad breath.
Dry Mouth Saliva is a very important enzyme in the process of food digestion.
It also helps in removing tiny particles of food from the mouth.
This cannot be possible if the flow of saliva reduces and this situation is called dry mouth.
This can happen if you have salivary gland problem or if you are under certain medications or if you breathe through the mouth.
Tobacco Products Chewing tobacco products and smoking results in teeth stains which can irritate the tissues of the gums and fasten the process of decaying of the teeth.
Medical Disorders Medical disorders which might cause halitosis If there is infection in the gums, throat or in the respiratory tract, it can lead to bad breath.
It can also occur if you have chronic bronchitis, diabetes, GERD, kidney or liver disease or Sjogren's syndrome.
Dental appliances (Dentures) Dental appliances or dentures can also be a cause for halitosis.
If these appliances are not cleaned after a meal or after eating something, they can cause bad breath.
If these dentures are loosely fitted, localized infections and sores are caused and result in halitosis.
Visit your Family Dentistry to get the loose dentures fixed and seek advice for halitosis.
Morning Breath A situation called 'Morning breath' where your mouth smells real bad early mornings, can also occur as bacteria multiply in your mouth during nights due to low flow of saliva.
HOME REMEDIES 'Good health starts at home' Chewing a tablespoon of fennel seeds not only freshens your mouth but also increases the flow of saliva.
After eating foods which have garlic and onions, chew some fennel seeds to freshen your breath.
Boil a spoon of cinnamon in a cup of water and use the water as a mouth rinse which not only freshens your breath but also kills the bad bacteria in the saliva.
If you boil a spoon of Fenugreek in s cup of water and drink after staining, it acts as a wonder against halitosis.
Chewing a couple of cloves instantly removes bad breath.
You can also prepare cloves tea by boiling 3 cloves in 2 cups of water and use it for rinsing your mouth.
Dipping fresh parsley in vinegar and chewing it reduces bad breath as it contains chlorophyll.
Washing your mouth with a cup of water containing a spoon of lemon juice kills all the bacteria in the mouth and on the tongue and cures bad breath problem.

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