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How Can I Advertise on Craigslist?

The first step to gaining visibility on Craigslist is to register.
Registration is a two step process in which you have to first enter your email address and then punch in the verification code that Craigslist asks for.
Once these details have been put in, click on "create account.
" Craigslist will then send you an email containing a URL which will link you to the page where you get to choose your password.
Type in your desired password twice and then hit enter.
Read Craigslist's Terms Of Service and click on "I Accept" and you are done! Yes, it is that easy.
Registering on Craigslist will hardly take you a minute and it is absolutely free.
The next step is putting your ad in.
Let us say for example that you are web designer and you live in New York.
On the main page of Craigslist, you can pick your country and your city.
Once you have come to the home page of your city and since you are rendering a service, click on "services" and then click on "post".
You will be directed to a list of categories you can post in under "services".
Since you are a web designer, a good category for you would be "computer services" or even "creative services.
" Click on the desired category, come up with a catchy title, punch in your location and a good description outlining your fees and what you can do and then hit continue.
Review your ad for errors, hit continue again, enter the CAPTCHA code, hit continue one more time and you are done!

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