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How do I Compare Ski Travel?

    Before You Start

    • 1). Create a list of your ski resort needs. Consider your skill level on the slopes, as well as the skill level of the people traveling with you. Are you content with groomed trails, or are you looking for some terrain and tree runs? Do you need something family friendly, or are you looking for great nightlife? Are you the traveler that simply eats, sleeps and skis, or do you want to shop and get a Spa treatment in between ski runs? Would you be content with fast food, or do you prefer to have a selection of eateries at your convenience?

    • 2). Utilize online search tools like to find resorts that meet your criteria.

    • 3). Verify that the resorts on your list will satisfy your needs by checking out resort reviews online either at or another travel review site like If you also enjoy snowboarding, then check out the World Snowboard Guide, which provides a great resource for snowboarders.

    Examine the Features

    • 1). Print the details for each package you want to compare so you can highlight important considerations and look at their amenities side-by-side on paper. Alternatively, you can create a table comparing the features of the resorts under consideration side-by-side.

    • 2). Check each package for your "must-haves." Discard those that don't meet your minimum requirements.

    • 3). Compare the "meat and potatoes" content of each package -- accommodations, airfare and car rental. If one package includes airfare, but another does not, take the price difference into consideration. Use an online flight search tool to estimate how much airfare will cost if booked separately. Are you willing to pay a few hundred dollars extra for luxury accommodations or for ski-in/ski-out access? If so, then the cheapest package does not necessarily equal the best value for your needs.

    • 4). Consider the extra features in each package like discounted lift passes, complimentary massages and free ski lessons. If you are unsure how much these extras are worth, visit the hotel or resort website to learn how much these services will set you back if you booked separately.

    • 5). Read the fine print. Some low price packages are only available for mid-week visits or during off peak seasons. Many packages, particularly those that include airfare, charge a hefty penalty for changing the dates of travel after booking. Some packages completely prohibit any changes in itinerary after booking. Check the refund policy in case circumstances require you to cancel your trip.

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