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Fifty Years Working Out: 2 Mistakes I Wish I Had Not Made

I've been working out now for 50 years and there are 2 mistakes I wish I hadn't made.
Instead of me saying "don't do this" I'll present 2 positive directives- instructional in nature- for your consideration: 1.
Go to a podiatrist and get your feet checked- especially if you're a runner.
You may have an issue developing with your feet that you don't recognize- something that can be prevented if corrected soon enough.
If you work out using weights then every so often have a session with a trainer to review your form.
Don't' work out for years without a review of your form, thinking you know how to do whatever it is.
We can all fall into habits we don't recognize.
Slightly tweaking your form can either prevent a problem from developing or simply make your efforts more effective.
Issue #1: I do brisk walking now for my cardio exercise but for 25 years I was a runner.
I never once had my feet checked.
I recall being at the beach and observing my footprint in the sand.
I noticed a deeper imprint into the sand up around my big toe.
It never occurred to me that this was a problem developing and that I should visit a podiatrist.
After the damage was already done I realized I was pronating.
Extra stress on the joint that got the brunt of the stress from pronation created an arthritic situation and an unattractive bump in that spot- not really a bunion.
Its presence mostly creates a challenge for buying shoes that don't put pressure on that spot.
Issue #2: I've been strength training with weights since 1989 and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
However, be certain to get with a trainer to learn correct technique.
This is not to say that weight training is difficult to learn.
Rather it means that in fact there is something important to learn and that proper form is important.
After you feel comfortable with your movements you should get a review of your form occasionally.
"Occasionally" is an arbitrary frequency.
You decide how often.
It could mean once every 6-12 months perhaps- depending upon your budget.
More is better.
I know it's not the only good exercise choice in the world but it's the best for me.
Here are some reasons why I choose it over everything else: 1.
I can work out at home in private at any time of day.
I can work out in one lump of time or do a set here and there throughout my day- sometimes using as little as 1 minute at a time.
My investment in equipment is minimal and takes up little space.
I don't have to spend money on a gym membership or take time to drive there to get a great workout.
I have hand weights that I can use in my garage or bring them into the kitchen if I want to do a set or two while I'm waiting for a batch of chocolate chip cookies to bake.
Results of my efforts appear rather quickly.
I've retained the shape I had when I was a young teenager because I've been able to retain my muscle mass without overly developing any part of my body.
I've not gained weight over the years due to a slowing metabolism.
At 63 I'm way past middle age and I never had an issue with the dreaded "middle age spread" I remember hearing my mom mention.
Anything you choose for exercise is good provided it doesn't cause an injury.
Find something that you enjoy.
Remember to put some music on if it helps and move at a pace that works for you.
Huffing and puffing and lots of sweating are not requirements.
Don't go overboard and be a health nut.
Moderation combined with consistency creates a winning formula.
Remember that at least half of fitness is eating well but you must maintain a healthy amount of muscle too.
Choose to be fit and healthy.
It's the right thing to do and feels so good.

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