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How To Catch Catfish With Dip Bait

Catching catfish with dip bait is not only a sport, but a weird culinary experience for both the fisherman and the catfish. You see, the smellier or stinkier the bait, the more the catfish will be attracted to your fishing line.

Dip bait is available commercially, but homemade dip bait is by far the better choice. It is the process of making the homemade dip bait that turns an ordinary fishing experience into a culinary adventure.

Catfish have unusual taste. They are attracted to such gourmet treats as sharp aged cheddar, garlic-soaked hot dogs, or any dough with curry, garlic or other strong spices. It has been said that any food that guarantees you will never get a date will be good dip bait for a catfish! Sounds delightful, doesn't it?

Catfish feed by smell, so the smellier or stinkier the bait is, the more successful your fishing expedition will be. While commercially prepared bait is available that meets this criteria, the best dip bait is the homemade variety.

Here are some tasty delicacies for you to try before your next outing to catch


Catfish love dip bait made from chicken livers. Before trying this "recipe", you may want to be sure you have a mask covering your nose. It reads more like a science experiment than a recipe, but catfish are really attracted to this gourmet treat. Buy about a pound of chicken livers and place them in a plastic container with a cover. Believe it or not, the next step is to place this container with the chicken livers outside for 1 - 2 days. Yes, you want to wait until it spoils, but is not too dried out. (Catfish are very particular about their spoiled, smelly chicken livers!) Once this container of chicken livers smells really badly, chop up the chicken livers with garlic cloves, and now refrigerate for 2 -3 days before luring the catfish with this delectable treat.

Your next step of course is to go out and lure the catfish to this wonderful dip bait. For a catfish rig, tie 1/03- way swivel to the end of the line, and tie a 6 inch piece of leader (a lighter number than the fishing line) and then tie on the sinker. To the remaining swivel loop tie a 30 inch leader to the end of this and to this tie a good size treble hook (#2 or #1). Bait the hook with those scrumptious homemade chicken livers. You want a good size chunk for the catfish to enjoy, so it should be about the size of a golf ball. While standing near the shoreline, toss your line out into the water and let it sink to the bottom where catfish love to roam. They will find your chicken liver bait irresistible.

Just in case the catfish aren't in the mood for the smelly chicken liver dip bait, there are other dip baits to attract the catfish. You can try large pieces of sunnies, shad or chubs. Cut them up into large pieces and bait the hook. If that is not enough of a choice, you can also use bluegills or goldfish.

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