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Users Are Waiting for a Cheaper iPhone 4

World-wide users are desperately waiting for a reasonable iphone so that all the middle class can also enjoy the taste of Apple handsets.

Apple boss has admitted that the popularity of the reduced price handset called the iphone 4 is spreading like a fire but on the other hand the company has not planned anything regarding a novel and reasonable handset. During the conference Apple boss was very surprised by hearing the demand for iphone 4 and has seen its reduced price to 319 pounds along with the launch of iphone 5. The company also stated that during the December quarter prices of the iphone 4 and iphone 4S were lowered down moreover at present the company does not have sufficient supply of iphone 4 and on the other hand the increasing demand of the gadgets have really surprised the company.

Cook also stated that the continuous assumption regarding Apple is developing a reasonable adaptation of the iphone 5 that would go to be released this year then the device would be made of cheaper materials and would be a wallet friendly handset. There are many other companies that are launching reasonable handsets that suit the pocket of a user such as the Samsung. Samsung has launched the cheaper range of galaxy smart phones but on the other hand Apple cannot do like this. In addition to this when the company tried an attempt for making a reasonable Mac it injured the ipad instead of that.

This time may be the company is planning something new for the budget crowd; it can be a wrist watch or any other handset. Apple can plan to launch a dirty cheap handset but it would be entirely made of plastic and would be a wallet friendly handset. Apple has stated that while producing a reasonable range of handsets the company has to then compromise with the quality of the handsets which is quite difficult for the company.

The cheaper handsets are not at all skinny and do not make a comfortable grip while holding. The thickness of a handset gives a very different feel whereas the iPhone 5 deals [] is very thin and slender. Apple would go to learn some tips from Samsung that along with the pricy handset the company also launches a cheap handset does not attack the pocket of a normal customer. With this fabulous feature the demand of the Samsung handsets has never declined.

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