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A Quick Guide to John Tyler"s Life and Presidency

Here is a quick list of fast facts for John Tyler. For more in depth information, you can also read the John Tyler Biography.

Birth: March 29, 1790

Death: January 18, 1862

Term of Office: April 6, 1841-March 3, 1845

Number of Terms Elected: 0 Terms; Assumed office upon death of William Henry Harrison

First Lady: First Wife - Letitia Christian - died while in office, 1842. Married Julia Gardiner in 1844.

John Tyler Quote: "If the tide of defamation and abuse shall turn, and my administration come to be praised, future Vice Presidents who may succeed to the presidency may feel some slight encouragement to pursue an independent course."

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Major Events While in Office:
  • Set precedent for Presidential succession (1841)
  • Entire Cabinet except for Daniel Webster resigned in protest (1841)
  • Webster-Ashburton Treaty (1842)
  • Treaty of Wanghia (1844)
  • Annexation of Texas (1845)

States Entering Union While in Office:

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