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Major Developments Making up the IKEA Concept

The IKEA we know today developed over time as the store added concept elements in the process of overcoming problems and obstacles:

Furniture Showroom: In 1947, Kamprad introduced locally manufactured furniture. It was so successful that he concentrated on it as his main product, created a catalogue, and, in response to a price war with his main competitor, opened a showroom to demonstrate his furniture’s quality.

Furniture Design: Reacting again to competitors, who this time instigated a supplier boycott, IKEA began to design furniture in 1955. While not the purpose behind the move, designing furniture gave IKEA more control regarding functionality.

Flat Packaging: Unassembled furniture in flat packaging was introduced after an incident involving an employee, a table and a trunk – enough said. Once introduced, however, it became a novel concept that allowed IKEA to lower its prices.

Warehouse Shopping: Again capitalizing on a short-term solution by making it into a long-term concept, IKEA opened its warehouse and introduced self service in reaction to the masses of people at a store opening in Stockholm.

Materials: The development of particle board and the expanded use of plastic in the 1970s contributed to IKEA's ability to come up with innovative furniture design.

First Store in United States: It wasn’t until 1985 that the first store opened in the United States.

Design Trivia:

The MOMENT Sofa was designed after the durability and strength of a shopping cart.

The SKOPA Chair is supplied to IKEA by a plastic bowl and bucket manufacturer.

Visit Their Website

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