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What You Can and Can't Eat On The Paleo

Here Is What You Can Eat

Your inner caveman loves meat. And think about it: he hunted. If he didn't bag a  woolly mammoth or other animals, his clan went without protein. So those times when  he did bring home the meat were not only times of celebration, but a renewal of  healthy eating for them.

So it should come as no surprise that not many meats are off limits, as long as you  choose the leanest variety you can find. In fact, lean meat is a vital part of this  amazing lifestyle plan. Here's a comprehensive list so you can get a feel for how  easy it is to choose your meat and still be confident your nourishing your inner  caveman:

•Chuck steak
•Extra-lean hamburger (no more than 7 percent fat)
•Lean beef (trim it of all visible fat)
•London broil
•Lean pork
•Pork chops
•Pork loin
•Flank steak
•Top sirloin steak

The same guidelines apply to your eating habits for poultry. As long as you eat  poultry lean, you're nourishing your body. Here are just a few examples:

•Chicken breast
•Game hen breasts
•Turkey breast

You may also be surprised to learn that you're encouraged to eat some types of organ  meats in order to keep that caveman inside you healthy. Enjoy beef, lamb, pork, and  chicken livers. You can also eat beef, lamb, and pork tongues.

Surprisingly, egg consumption is encouraged, as long as you keep it to a maximum of  six eggs a week. If you love to eat eggs, consider making a two-egg omelet instead of three.

Don't think it'll satisfy you? Stuff it with plenty of fresh vegetables. It will not  only fill you up, but you just may discover it's one of the most delicious ways to  eat omelets. And it'll help ensure you'll get all the vegetables you need for the  day!

Here Is What You Should Not

Oh, yes, there are certain meats you should avoid as you progress in your prehistoric  
diet journey. Most of these you'll discover are considered fatty. What are the worst  offenders?

•Chicken wings      Breakfast sausage
•Deli meats         Fatty lamb chops
•Pork sausage       Bologna
•Salami             Fatty pork chops
•Chicken skin       Bacon
•Turkey skin        Pepperoni    
•Spam (Of course, plenty of people don't recognize this as a meat to begin  with!)

Prior to the advent of agriculture, Paleolithic man ate no cereal grains and no  wheat, so these foods are off limits. Even if the grains say "gluten-free," they're  still not recommended for nourishing your inner caveman.

Theses grains, as well as processed foods made with them, are off limits. Need a  list? I'm warning you, it's fairly long. But it sets up your parameters nicely. They  include:

Wild rice

Just for emphasis, any food made from these products can't be eaten as well. It's not that I'm trying to torture you by listing these, but it needs to be clearly stated  what specific foods are not allowed. These include:

Amaranth, Corn starch, Corn on the cob  Corn chips, Cookies, Cakes, Bread,   Buckwheat, Corn syrup, Doughnuts, Flat bread, Muffins  Pasta, Pancakes,
Pita bread, Pizza, Quinoa, Rice of all kinds, Rice cakes, Rice flour, Rice noodles,  Rice pudding, Rolled oats, Rolls, Rye, Rye Crackers, Tortillas.

Enjoy the good and forget the bad.

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