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How to Get a Teaching Certificate in Utah

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      Fingerprint background checks are required.fingerprint image by dip from

      Complete a fingerprint background check. LiveScan, the fingerprint background check system available only in Utah, is much quicker than mailing fingerprint cards if you are an out-of-state applicant for a teacher's license. This step is necessary for all Utah teacher's license applicants, according to the Utah State Office of Education. There is a $69 fee for the background check.

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      Fill out the license application.great job image by from

      Complete the application form if you are an out-of-state, alternative certification, or new Utah resident applicant. The application form is available online, and there is an $80 processing charge applied. The Educator Quality and Licensng office states you should include original copies of your transcripts, verification of full-time teaching experience (if you have any), copies of your PRAXIS II test scores or admission ticket if you haven't yet taken these exams, a copy of your teaching license from another state (if you have one), and a letter of recommendation from the institution that granted your degree (if you are a new graduate from out of state).

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      PRAXIS II content area knowledge exams are required for most teaching applicants.exam image by Petro Feketa from

      Register for and take the PRAXIS II content area knowledge tests. These tests are required for most Utah teaching license applicants, but they are not required for those who hold National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification in approved subjects. The tests are also waived if there is not an approved test available in the subject area to be taught by applicants, according to the Utah State office of Education. See resource two for more details about Utah's PRAXIS II requirements.

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      Work with a mentor teacher to develop your teaching skills if you are an alternative certification applicant.teacher & students image by Luisafer from

      Obtain a half-time or full-time teaching position in Utah if you are an alternative certification applicant after completing your fingerprint background check and submitting your application (and paying the $300 program development and tracking fee). Inform the Office of Education of this employment by submitting a Confirmation of Employment form. Pay your $300 program development and tracking fee. You will work with an advisor to decide which of two alternative certification routes is appropriate for your situation at a Professional Growth Plan Conference.You can take coursework under an approved alternative certification program, or you can take competency exams to demonstrate your knowledge in different areas of concentration. The latter option is only available in some subject areas. See resource three for more information. Complete two observations by your principal of your teaching skills, and work with a mentor teacher to complete your Professional Growth Plan. You will teach between 1 and 3 years while you complete your coursework, and then you will be able to obtain your initial teaching License, according to the Educator Quality and licensing office.

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