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Ashton Shepherd - Sounds So Good Rating

Bottom Line:

If traditional country is your style, then you really must check out Sounds So Good. You'll enjoy it from start to finish. Famous producer Buddy Cannon gave the tracks his golden touch and Ashton did a perfect job laying down the vocals and writing or co-writing all but one song on the album. It really is a fantastic release.

Ashton Shepherd has a fantastic album on her hands with Sounds So Good and that's putting it mildly.

Seems like there has been a reemergence of female country singers wanting to go down a traditional path and that's something to get excited about. Another positive is the fact Ashton co-wrote ten of the album's eleven songs. Seven were actually solely penned by the rising star. Talk about impressive! Be on the lookout for more by this artist, because I know I will.

From the first time I heard "Takin' Off This Pain," I knew I would have to listen to Ashton's album because I had a gut feeling it would be traditional sounding. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do when it comes to getting some attention for her man. If she feels she isn't getting what she deserves - there goes the wedding ring. "You sit there and you watch the TV even when I'm lookin' sexy" she sings. That right there could tell you all you need to know.

"Lost In You" is the complete opposite of the first song. This time Ashton sings about how she feels whenever she's with her man. There's something about him that takes her to a different place where there's no fear and she honestly hopes he feels the same way when it comes to her.

It's almost magical and dreamy sounding when you listen to the background music.

Settling down is something the woman promises to do in "Not Right Now," but only in the future. It would be more trouble than it's worth if she tried being a young lady at this point in her life. Give her a dirt road, river banks, and something cold to drink and she'll stay up all night having a good time. Her focus is living her life and having as much fun as possible.

You can sit back and imagine the great music being created at "The Pickin' Shed." Just grab your guitar and come on over for some friendship, fun, and good music. You'll become just as hooked as the others did. "You can shoot pool or you can throw darts any day. It's like our own rowdy bar that's open every night. There ain't no closing time and no rules to go by" at this backyard gathering place.

My second favorite song (right after "Takin' Off This Pain") from the album is "The Bigger The Heart." It's so downright country I can't get enough of it. The fiddle and the steel guitar drag you in right along with Ashton's traditional voice and you can't help but enjoy everything about the tune. A rough and rowdy man said he'd never fall in love, but when a five foot three sweetheart came along, he couldn't help himself. Only problem is, she's not too interested in staying around.

Can't have a traditional country album without a drinking song, so "Whiskey Won The Battle" fills the gap as just that in addition to being the last song. Ashton really bats this song out of the park and ends things with an exclamation mark instead of only a period. There's a slightly dark and mood undertone that perfectly fits the lyrics. There have been some female country singers releasing traditional sounding albums the past few months, but in my book Ashton is clearly the winner. I'm amazed at how great this album is and I can't wait to see her career become more successful as the weeks go by.

Release date: March 4, 2008 - MCA Nashville

Song List:
  1. Takin' Off This Pain
  2. Sounds So Good
  3. Lost In You
  4. I Ain't Dead Yet
  5. Not Right Now
  6. Old Memory
  7. The Pickin' Shed
  8. Regular Joe
  9. How Big Are Angel Wings
  10. The Bigger the Heart
  11. Whiskey Won the Battle

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