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Good Places to Travel During December


    • Much like the birds flying south for the winter, many people flock to other parts of the country to enjoy warmer temperatures and pristine beaches. Options for tropical climates include oceanfront hot spots in places like Florida, California or Hawaii. Investigate some flight and hotel options well in advance of your trip to try and find a bargain on airfare and lodging; this should help you narrow down your options for travel destinations as well.


    • Even if you don't celebrate the holidays during December, taking a trip to the city around this time can be a lively, entertaining experience. One must-see city during the month of December is New York; although it is by no means a tropical escape, the sight of the decorated streets, the picturesque Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, and the people ice skating in Central Park should be enough to warm your heart. Take advantage of holiday sales with your family by taking a day to peruse the shops on swanky Fifth Avenue and in hip Soho. Afterwards, take some time to see all the famous landmarks, from the Empire State Building to the Met.


    • If your family enjoys being outdoors to participate in winter sports, a trip to the mountains could be just the ticket for your December trip. For example, high-tail it to a hotspot like Vail, Colorado, home of the second largest ski mountain in North America. Rent a cozy cabin or condo and bring along extended friends and family to fill the space, share the rent and have a fabulous time. Try out new sports if you don't already have a favorite, whether it's skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or tubing. And if you can't be bothered with all that powder, hunker down by the fire with a relaxing cup of hot cocoa.


    • Jet-set to the ends of the earth in December to see what you can see. If you want to revisit the summer months, head to the southern hemisphere. From Buenos Aires to Sydney, there are hundreds of toasty travel options that should suit any world traveler's tastes. Or, if you want to embrace the cold temperatures of the holiday season in a picturesque, fairy tale setting, head to the Christmas Markets of Europe in places like Austria and Germany where you can peruse the handiwork of local craftsmen on a chilly winter's day.

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