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Nintendo DS Indiana Jones Hints

    • The LEGO brand has spawned a well-received series of videogames based on popular movie franchises. One such title for the Nintendo DS is "LEGO Indiana Jones," where players guide a LEGO Indy and related characters through a blockbusting adventure that crosses all four films. Like all videogames, there's a few hints that help gain extra points in the game, or help unlock any of the several "Easter eggs" hidden throughout the game's many levels.

    Hidden Characters

    • LEGO's partnership with Lucasfilm, creators of both the Indiana Jones and Star Wars films, allow them creative use of the characters. Many of these are hidden as bonuses in the game, including six popular Star Wars characters. Luke Skywalker can be found by dropping down the Himalayan ice cliffs into an ice tunnel during the "Raiders" level. Gain C3-PO in the "Lost Temple" level by blasting through the metal grate in the idol room. On the "Free the Slaves" section of "Temple of Doom," free the slaves from the wood box at the end of the level, then drop a platform down to blast the metal gate, revealing the princess. Chewbacca is behind the glyphic door near the transport in the "City of Danger" level from "Raiders," while R2-D2 can be found on the "Desert Ambush" level of "Last Crusade": get on a horse and to get to the cliffs, then Indy whip up to the orange platform to collect the droid. Afterwards, you'll be able to purchase Han Solo at Bartlett College.

    Secret Levels

    • Unlock the Young Indy level by collecting all the Raiders of the Lost Ark artifacts in the level, then taking them back to the museum and activating the Blue Crystal Switch. This automatically makes the level available on the map. To get to the Ancient City, collect all artifacts when playing the Temple of Doom level and using the Blue Switch. Finally, collect the artifacts from The Last Crusade and use the switch to open the bonus Warehouse.

    Using Passwords

    • Occasionally the characters will come across passwords but have no way of using them. When coming across a password, collect it but wait until you end the level. Head back to Bartlett College and head down the corridor, away from the map room. Go to the end of the hall and head into the classroom filled with desks. Go to the chalkboard, where you'll be prompted to enter the codes you've found. The codes all unlock various characters that can then be used during Freeplay mode to gain more points.

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