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The Best Workout Programs for a Quarterback


    • One good agility drill involves setting up a number of orange cones in a column about a foot apart from one other. The quarterback would hold the ball into a throwing position and zigzag between the cones without touching them or knocking them down. Foot movement can be modified to be either one foot in front of the other or a horizontal stance perpendicular to the cone path.

      These drills should be timed and recorded to see if quickness improves or if the quarterback can keep his throwing posture while moving. Agility should not sacrifice accuracy.

    Arm Strength

    • Quarterback arm strength is important in offenses that rely on the big-bomb throw or for that "Hail Mary" pass at the end of the game. Lifting weights can help build strength, but quarterbacks can't get too bulky or else they sacrifice the flexibility needed for throwing mechanics. Triceps extensions using light weights and higher repetitions can increase endurance in the throwing arm. The quarterback should kneel one knee on a weight bench and put his non-throwing hand on it for balance. The throwing arm should hold a dumbbell with the upper arm close to and parallel with the back; and the lower arm bent at the elbow with the weight hanging down. The quarterback can then "straighten" out the arm by bending only at the elbow until the arm is completely in line with the back, and then return to complete the repetition.


    • Accuracy workouts also can increase arm strength. The traditional tire swing can serve as a workout tool for the quarterback. Stand about 20 yards from a tire swing (basically a rope with a tire tied to it) and try to throw the ball as often as you can through the hole. When you get to 80 percent accuracy, add more challenges like having someone gently move the tire swing as you throw. To really test accuracy and mechanics, get on one knee and throw. When you feel that it is no longer a challenge, step back five more yards and start again.

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