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Driving Laws in Afghanistan

    Driver's License

    • A driver's license is issued when a driver turns 18 years old. The driver must complete the physical and mental tests required. Novice drivers may learn on public roads only if a driving instructor accompanies him. According to Afghanistan's Law Of Highway Traffic, an international driver's license is considered valid and a non-citizen can drive any motor vehicle in Afghanistan provided he follows the international road traffic convention.

      The number of female drivers in Afghanistan is increasing due to law changes which allow women to carry driver's permits, according to the Los Angeles Times. Afghanistan, a male dominated Islamic country, used to believe that it's uncharacteristic of their culture to have women drivers. However, as of 2010, a woman can get a license and freely drive without worrying about being apprehended for doing so.

    Drive on the Right

    • Kevin Coffey of Corporate Travel Safety says international driving customs require drivers to take the right side when on the streets of Afghanistan. Vehicles are usually right hand drive as they come from Pakistan and other neighboring countries. As of 2010, since many of the country's current residents are military personnel from the United States, where cars are left hand drive, drivers must take special care when cruising the streets and turning at intersections.

    Traffic Lights and Police

    • A driver in Afghanistan is responsible for following traffic lights or traffic police controlling the streets. In emergencies ambulances, police cars and fire engines, including private vehicles that use special lights and signals, are exempt from this traffic rule.

      If an accident occurs drivers should stop and wait for traffic police to assess the situation. According to the country's Law of Highway Traffic, road accidents are classified as a minor, middle or heavy, with each type corresponding to certain financial losses. The traffic police are responsible for ensuring all facts about the collision are collected from the scene before filing a report. Drivers must subject their vehicles for an investigation.

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