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List of Supercharged Stock Cars

    • Though turbocharging has all but taken over as the preferred method for stuffing air into an engine, there are a few die-hards still addicted to the rush and instant torque of superchargers. Fortunately, some of these die-hards work at GM and factory tuning companies like SVT and AMG, and a few of those managed to stuff mechanical breathers onto the best engines ever produced.

    Chevrolet Cobalt SS

    • Though the supercharged SS has given way to a turbocharged version, the original motor remains a legend in its own time. The Cobalt SS is essentially a standard Cobalt economy car with a supercharger and some suspension tuning. This 205 horsepower wild-child was a direct challenge to Chrysler's Neon SRT-4, and maintains a strong cult following. One of the Supercharged Cobalt's strongest selling points was its factory upgrade packages, which could be bought and installed at a dealership without voiding the warranty. GM's Stage 3 factory performance package raised the Cobalt's power output to a Mitsubishi Evo-rivaling 260 horsepower, but didn't do much to help this front-drive car's massive torque-steer or traction limitations.

    Cadillac CTS-V

    • Rightly considered by many be GM's "four door Corvette," the Cadillac CTS-V shares a number of components with Chevy's flagship sports car. Not content to simply retain the first generation CTS-V's base Corvette engine, GM decided to up Cadillac's ante by using the top-of-the-line, supercharged, 556 horsepower engine from the ZR1 Corvette variant.

      Sources inside GM have confirmed that the next iteration of CTS-V will use the long-rumored Corvette "Blue Devil's" 600 horsepower 6.2L V8. Add in a set of self-adjusting "magnetorheological" shocks and German-tuned suspension, and the Supercharged CTS-V is every bit a contender.

    Shelby GT500

    • Technically speaking, the Shelby GT500 is not a stock car. Or is it? This beast was taken off the assembly line and handed directly to Ford's in-house tuner SVT for the GT 500 treatment, and tuned with the help of Shelby Enterprises. Since SVT's major shareholder is Ford, one could say that the car is still factory, but all in the know are aware that SVT is its own entity and functions largely outside the confines of Ford.

      The GT500 is essentially a supercharged (500 horsepower) Mustang GT with some stripes, a couple of hood scoops and a bit of suspension tweaking. Car and Driver found the original GT500 was a bit nose heavy and handled poorly, a problem that was largely addressed in later evolutions of the car.

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