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Writing From My Article Suggestions

I have a unique opportunity to write articles that are suggested to me by my readers my using article suggestions.
Some of the article directories and websites that I write for allow users and readers to submit topics for me to write on.
This "suggest a topic" feature is a great way to find out more of what my readers want to hear.
I also open the forum on my Twitter, blog and website for people to submit their topics to me and then I will write them.
I really enjoy writing from my article suggestions for a variety of reasons.
One, it allows me the opportunity to interact with my readers in a new way.
I've had reader write me before and say "Thanks for covering my topic" or "It's so nice to hear you really read those suggestions!" This also helps me know what my readers really want to hear about so I can be sure I am writing articles that people want to read.
Another reason I enjoy it is that it helps me when I am stuck for an idea or just need some inspiration.
It can also be a challenge to write from my article suggestions.
Sometimes people suggest topics that I may not have thought of on my own or that I need to stretch my imagination and really think to answer properly or even that I have to do some research to answer correctly.
This is great to help me exercise my writing and researching skills.

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