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The Point of Missing the Point

Like many I want to be paid for doing what I do best, which isn't exactly the typing part but more importantly should be the thinking part.
I have been contributing to an SEO company recently, not fun work by any stretch of the imagination but I was allowed to use my imagination until I had an opinion which I expressed to the editor.
Apparently my opinion was not needed.
Although the facts as I have seen them support my opinion there was no chance the editor would acquiesce.
Case in point; I no longer write for that company, at the editor's request.
But more to the point is that I have lived in China and South Korea and have seen or been, unluckily, involved in car accidents.
Take my word for it I have described exactly how it works.
Or doubters can visit on their own and try a fender bender or to to test the veracity of my opinion.
I was recently assigned to write a few short articles regarding 'car accident compensation' in combination with visiting some tropical locales, China, South Korea and Vietnam (at least Vietnam is tropical).
I proceeded to expound on the necessity to drive safely to avoid having the need to file such a claim.
This, in my tiny mind, seemed to make a lot of sense.
Who would choose, regardless of location, to involve themselves in the mess of documentation and hassle that such a claim would inevitably involve.
According to my editor though, I had sadly missed the point, apparently, unbeknown to me, 'car accident compensation is a 'benefit'.
Oh really? Now let us imagine that you the reader live in some Western society and in order to keep up with your neighbour's idiocy you too purchase and use a car.
To be able to do this the car owner must (read: is forced) to have said 'accident compensation' called insurance to be able to drive this car about.
Now in such above places if you get into a fender bender the parties involved get out of their cars and tut knowingly over the damage and pleasantly exchange insurance information (this is coming from my imagination) and all leave and go about their business with smiles on their faces.
Let the insurance companies worry about it, that is, after all, why you pay them, correct? Move that scene to the third world and things operate very differently.
Firstly, car owner insurance is not a priority as in the places mentioned above.
So if, by some sad chance, you do rear end a car or your car is treated in the same manner what do you suppose happens? Whether you are at fault or not there will be no pleasant exchange of information.
As the Westerner with the handy car accident claim paperwork will be the only one with such coverage (sic) and as it will be written in English for the benefit of that customer anyone that you hit while driving or anyone who hits you will understand not a word.
Also, as the insurance concept is not a prevailing idea in these places all accidents are usually settled with a cash payment before you can leave.
In China traffic will be held up for hours as the accidentees are waiting for the cash to be delivered.
In Vietnam it has been said that 'accidents' are arranged for this very cash in hand reason.
No one leaves the scene unless of course blood and or death are involved and then they will drive as quickly away as can be managed.
So regardless of having coverage you still have to belly up the cash on the spot regardless of your 'coverage'.
But, hey, no problem, you are 'covered' and will get the money back on your return even if that is much quicker than anticipated due to the fact that you paid all of your holiday cash to escape your scrape, right? Oh ye innocent hearted.
The whole basis of the insurance industry is to never pay money out but to collect the said money is.
Have you ever known anyone that has ever received a claim payout without trouble? Truly sorry customer, here is your cheque.
Not a chance of that is there? The insurance company will delay by any tactic, blaming shoddy police reports, the other company dragging its heels, or go so far as to say that you, the driver, was ultimately responsible thereby absolving them of the necessary payment.
Anything to avoid having to pay.
Can you imagine the hassle involved with you, the car accident compensation purchaser having had an accident in a foreign country? They would have to send a team of investigators to that country, none of whom will be able to speak the language, try to find the other driver who did not give a name or working telephone number.
So on and so forth.
Of course the costs of this needed investigation will be borne by the one making the claim, so every flight, hotel, meal, bribe, and whore, will be deducted from the claim, if any is granted, and added onto the insurance bill to be repaid if (hah) the investigation can find the smallest reason to revoke the claim.
It is business after all isn't it? Perhaps I did miss the point but I will never understand which point I missed.
I rest my fingers.

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