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My 5 Top Reasons For Witnessing

There are many reasons people witness to strangers, here are my top 5 reasons.
Reason 1.
I need to witness or I am feeling like I am being neglectful of people
When you consider many people you sit next to on a bus or on a train are going to hell and could go if you don't point them to Jesus it is a very scary thing.
I feel that if I don't share about Jesus and His role in my life sometimes as the Holy Spirit leads me I am being uncaring and unloving.
To allow thousands of people that you could speak to to go to hell without warning them is harsh.
Reason 2.
Only by witnessing can I open people up to Jesus
I am sure most people when I start talking to them are not considering Jesus or their eternal life and many I start to talk to I never mention my faith.
But when prompted by the Holy Spirit I will lead into personal testimony that has something to do with what I was sharing.
When you speak to hundreds of strangers each week its easy to witness to twenty and get them thinking about Jesus for a time.
Reason 3.
God calls me to witness
God has anointed me as an evangelist and has gifted me so.
It is very easy for me to speak to people from all walks of life about Jesus.
Reason 4.
Some things just have never been taught well enough I think and someone has to do it
The average person has not really heard about Jesus that much in my country Australia.
It can never hurt for most people including Christians to hear more about Jesus through my personal testimony.
I do it all the time as people can do with some truth to think about.
Reason 5.
It is fun and I enjoy it
Witnessing is not my paid job.
It is sport to me.
I do it as I love to do it.
I am prophetic so most often can tell people about their own life and struggles in my talking to them which really gets their attention.

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